PCEP-30-02 Practice Test Compendium
PCEP-30-02 Practice Test Compendium
PCEP-30-02 Practice Test


PCEP-30-02 Practice Test Compendium

The Study Compendium features exam prep materials and helpful resources in the form of Study Pages, Exam Section Questions, and Practice Tests, which make up a solid package of learning and practice aids for test candidates who wish to build their confidence before taking the exams.

The Practice Tests include all the topics and objectives covered by the PCEP-30-02 exam. The assessment experience, including grading and test progression, simulates the real exam, which allows test candidates to get a good idea of the kind of questions that will appear on the exam as well as help them understand how these are scored and weighted across the exam sections.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Channel: OpenEDG Testing Service (TestNow™)
  • Exam Version: PCEP-30-02
  • Important Note: Access to the Practice Test is available through TestNow™. To get started, simply log in to TestNow™, switch to the Test Candidate profile, and select the Practice tab. Enter your practice test voucher code to redeem and access the Practice Test.